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Uspeed provides efficient, convenient, one-stop trans-shipping and consolidation transport service.
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Türkiye Special line

Uspeed self-operated Dubai small package special line service, which can receive ordinary goods and live goods, and can provide value-added services such as stickers, consignment, transit warehousing, freight forwarder payment COD, one-stop package, to meet personalized cross-border transport needs.


1. Timely. Self operated terminal delivery, covering the whole territory of Türkiye, the fastest 6-12 working days.


2. Online query. Support the official website/WeChat applet to query the whole package track anytime and anywhere.


3. Easy to place orders. Both online and offline orders can be supported.


Türkiye self-operated package special line

Special line for general cargo

6-12 working days


Live special line

10~15 working days


Our advantages

Double clear to the door

Self-operated delivery at the end

Minimum acceptable package 100g

It can receive general goods, live wifi products, including mobile phone accessories and parts, computer peripherals (laptops, desktops, tablets, e-books), wireless charging lines, vacuum cleaners, floor mopping robots, smart watches, etc. Welcome to consult (Thomas/17727404026).