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As a highly developed capitalist country and the most populous country in Europe, Germany has a thriving and mature e-commerce market, second only to the UK, with platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Otto as its mainstream e-commerce platforms, which have also attracted many Chinese sellers to the country.


With the fierce competition in the market in the past two years, the return rate of all major platforms has rapidly soared. According to new research by Sendcloud, around two-thirds of German online shoppers will return an unsatisfactory purchase, which is higher than the European average of 52%. And 31% of German online shoppers will not buy a product when the return period is less than 30 days.


With the high cost of returns on one side and the shop's order and conversion rates on the other, the only way forward for cross-border sellers is to provide German consumers with a generous and convenient returns policy, while finding a reliable and profit-sustaining returns logistics solution!


Uspeed offers an efficient, convenient and professional returns service for sellers in the German e-commerce market. We can provide customized services such as pick-up at home, receiving, packing, re-shelving, direct destruction and return shipping to home country, providing buyers with an easy and efficient after-sales experience, while helping sellers to truly reduce costs and increase efficiency in the after-sales process!

Germany Return Process


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Self-developed system: custom-developed return management system, efficient and fast data update

24/7 customer service: 24/7 online customer service, real-time solution to all unexpected problems

Efficient return check: completing return checking and uploading photos of goods

Value-added services: diversified customized services such as local transfer and overseas maintenance


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