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Since the outbreak, the number of Spaniards choosing to shop online has continued to increase, with new users accounting for 40% of the total. According to the latest data from Tandem Up, Amazon and AliExpress are the top two e-commerce platforms favored by Spanish buyers. The top 10 key categories of Spanish e-commerce are: household, electronics, clothing and footwear, computers, sporting goods, books and AV, beauty supplies, office supplies, toys, and jewelry.


While e-commerce sales in Spain increased by 11.7% year-on-year in 2021, with e-commerce sales exceeding 57.7 billion euros, the return rate of online purchases is also growing. According to data provided by NTT DATA, returns of online purchases affect up to 25% of orders in Spain, a rate three times higher than that recorded in brick-and-mortar stores down the street!


Returns are a headache for sellers, not only are they time-consuming and labor-intensive, but operating costs have increased dramatically, and the logistics costs of return shipping can be higher than the value of the goods. How to solve the problem of returns and exchanges is the key to reducing costs and increasing efficiency of the store.


Uspeed provides efficient, convenient and professional return and exchange services for sellers in Spanish e-commerce market. We can provide customized services such as home pick-up, receiving returns, return packaging, secondary shelving, direct destruction and return shipping to China. We provide buyers with an easy and efficient after-sales experience, while helping sellers to achieve cost reduction and efficiency in the after-sales process!

Spain Return Process


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Self-developed system: custom-developed return management system, efficient and fast data update

24/7 customer service: 24/7 online customer service, real-time solution to all unexpected problems

Efficient return check: completing return checking and uploading photos of goods

Value-added services: diversified customized services such as local transfer and overseas maintenance


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