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Japan Global Returns

As the world's mainstream e-commerce market, Japan's online spending power is strong, with per capita spending twice as much as that of China. According to Statista statistics, the Japanese e-commerce market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6% over the next four years. Although the growth rate has slowed down, there are still unlimited opportunities.


The first choice for Chinese cross-border sellers to go overseas to Japan is to join platforms such as Rakuten, Amazon and Yahoo Shopping. Among them, fashion apparel, furniture and electrical appliances, toys, etc. are popular categories in these platforms.


However, due to the restrictions of online shopping, Japanese consumers often make requests for returns and exchanges because the actual experience is not suitable. How to deal with the after-sales and logistics of returns is the key to sellers' ability to maintain their profits.


Uspeed provides efficient, convenient and professional return and exchange services for sellers in the Japanese e-commerce market. We can provide customized services such as pick up at home, receiving return, return packaging, re-shelving, direct destruction and return shipping to home country. We provide buyers with an easy and efficient after-sales experience and help sellers to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the after-sales process!

Japan Return Process


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Self-developed system: custom-developed return management system, efficient and fast data update

24/7 customer service: 24/7 online customer service, real-time solution to all unexpected problems

Efficient return check: completing return checking and uploading photos of goods

Value-added services: diversified customized services such as local transfer and overseas maintenance


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