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Canada Global Returns

According to the eMarketer e-commerce report, Canada's e-commerce sales will reach $79.80 billion in 2022, up 10.4% year-on-year, and are expected to reach $104.77 billion in 2025. Low-priced and high-quality made-in-China products are favored by Canadian consumers, and many cross-border sellers have achieved good results on AliExpress and Amazon.


Among them, digital electronics, fashion apparel, toys, etc. are hot-selling categories in Canada. Since winter in Canada is particularly long, fall and winter thermal and ski-related products are popular.


However, with the growth of e-commerce sales, the operational pressure from returns has gradually grown. Subject to the restriction that online products cannot be tried, many consumers will easily initiate requests for returns and exchanges under the package policy, and sellers bear the pressure of rising operational costs. How to solve the problem of returns and exchanges is the key to reducing costs and increasing efficiency of the store.


Uspeed provides efficient, convenient and professional return and exchange services for sellers in Canadian e-commerce market. We can provide customized services such as home pick-up, receiving returns, return packaging, secondary shelving, direct destruction and return shipping to China. We provide buyers with an easy and efficient after-sales experience, while helping sellers to achieve cost reduction and efficiency in the after-sales process!

Canada Return Process


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Self-developed system: custom-developed return management system, efficient and fast data update

24/7 customer service: 24/7 online customer service, real-time solution to all unexpected problems

Efficient return check: completing return checking and uploading photos of goods

Value-added services: diversified customized services such as local transfer and overseas maintenance


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