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Uspeed, providing professional and efficient return shipping services for cross-border sellers in Mexico!

Uspeed's global return shipment service system is currently under active construction. Currently, return warehouses in 23 countries/regions including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Israel, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Australia, Chile, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Korea are being launched one after another.

Today, let's take a look at Uspeed's Mexico return warehouse!

01 Mexico: The Fastest-Growing E-commerce Market in the World in 2023!

Recently, the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) released a new report, "Online Sales Research 2024," stating that Mexico became one of the fastest-growing countries in the global online retail industry in 2023, with a market size increase of up to 24.6%. Compared to the world average growth rate of 10%, Mexico has stood out significantly.


Source: Statista: Mexico's e-commerce revenue will continue to grow

In terms of specific data, Mexico's e-commerce market size reached 658 billion pesos in 2023 and has maintained double-digit growth for five consecutive years. Statista also predicts that Mexico's e-commerce revenue will continue to climb, reaching 58.9 billion US dollars by 2028.

02 Characteristics of Mexico's E-commerce Market

Young population structure: Mexico has a population of approximately 128 million, with 75% concentrated in cities, which is conducive to the development of the e-commerce industry. According to the report, nearly 66 million Mexicans made online purchases in 2023, and one-fourth of Mexicans shop online at least once a week. The average age of online shopping users is 38.9 years old.

Regional growth trends: The e-commerce markets in central and southeastern Mexico have seen the largest growth, reaching approximately 30%. Among them, the states of Chiapas, Hidalgo, Campeche, and Puebla have seen the most significant growth.

Growth across all categories with distinct differences in sub-sectors: Fashion categories still occupy a dominant position, with growth exceeding 40% compared to last year. Small household appliances and non-alcoholic beverages have also seen rapid growth, approaching 40%. Other categories such as personal care, computers, tablets, mobile phones, and home decor have also achieved growth rates close to 30%.


Source: Statista: The most popular online shopping categories in Mexico in 2023

Emphasis on customer service: In terms of online shopping experience, AMVO emphasizes that the key factors considered by Mexican consumers when making online purchases are customer service and reviews (87%), discounts (86%), trust and quality (68%), and personalized products (61%).

In the booming Mexican e-commerce market, seizing consumer preferences and capturing market share is the only choice for cross-border sellers. Against this backdrop, excellent return shipment measures will bring sellers even stronger market competitiveness!


03 Uspeed Mexico Return Warehouse

As a top-notch global return shipment service provider, Uspeed offers comprehensive return services to Mexican cross-border sellers!

Located in the city of Queretaro in central Mexico, Uspeed's Mexico return warehouse is situated close to major cities with dense populations in both the north and south. This warehouse covers an area of 4,600 square meters, with a maximum storage capacity of 200 pallets and a daily handling capacity of up to 800 orders.


Currently, the Uspeed Mexico return warehouse is staffed with over 10 professional workers, including an excellent Chinese-speaking operation team who can communicate fluently in Chinese to meet customers' diverse operational needs and storage requirements.


04 Business Scope of Uspeed Mexico Return Warehouse

Business Scope:

·Pick-up Service: Provides pick-up services from various locations throughout Mexico;
·Return Quality Inspection: Offers professional quality inspection services for returned goods;
·Storage for Returns: Provides storage services based on customers' needs;
·Reshelving: Reshelves qualified products after inspection to support sales;


Business Advantages:

·Fast Quality Inspection: Completed within 12 hours after goods are received;
·Efficient Return Process: Completed within 2-5 working days nationwide;
·Customized Return Solutions: Meets customers' diverse operational needs and storage requirements for returns;
·Extensive Return Experience: Accumulated return experience in over 20 countries and regions worldwide, making the return process smoother and more efficient.


05 Contact Us

For any questions related to returns in Mexico, Uspeed is here to assist you. Please contact:

Selene Liu
150 0003 5013